Post 1,000! We Rank Our Rankings!

We Did It!

NPI has made it to 1,000 posts. Can you believe it? That’s 1,000 posts, only a few hundred of which have been collections of links, one-sentence jokes, or reviews of commercials! Somewhere in there we actually had substantive arguments about political and legal theory, the value of film criticism, and candy. We’ve chatted about college basketball, the World Series, and the BCS (oh so much about the BCS). We’ve reviewed all kinds of television, from reality shows on MTV to HBO dramas to teen soaps on ABC Family.

But, of course, NPI wouldn’t be NPI without rankings. And so to commemorate our 1,000th post, we’re ranking our rankings. To keep it manageable, we limited the list to the collaborative rankings. We also threw Josh’s ranking of the Bill of Rights in there (John S and Tim’s ongoing rankings, respectively of Bob Dylan songs and everything in history, being incomplete and therefore ineligible). What was our result?

8. Comedians From the Summer of 2009

T5. Which Basball Movie Would You Want To Actually Happen?

T5. Months

T5. Michael Jackson Songs

4. Halloween Candy

T1. Seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm

T1. Bill of Rights

T1. Beatles Albums



These rankings are, frankly, a disaster. It’s ridiculous that in a list of eight things we have two three-way ties, including one for first place. And since the ties are three-way ties, the normal method for breaking them (siding with whatever the majority prefers) doesn’t even work. Also, Tim wasn’t involved in ANY of the rankings that were tied for first place, when the whole point of these rankings was to stress the collaborative aspects of the blog. And the stupid Halloween candy rankings finished in the top half. The only good thing that can be said of these rankings is that, by its inconclusiveness and lack of organizing principle, it represents the perfect simulacrum of NPI itself.


What this really reveals is that you two have ranked a lot of stupid things. Curb seasons? Come on.


What this really reveals is that self-congratulations inevitably backfire, and that all of your hideously selfish biases — none of you ranked a ranking in which you did not participate above one in which you did — are the true prime mover of NPI. Way to go, “mes freres.”


I participated in all of the rankings, Pierre. So, I don’t fall prey to your critique. Sometimes there was a divergence between rankings that were fun for me to do, and an objective assessment of the post itself. For example, the UCB and Michael Jackson rankings were particularly fun to do—I got to rank all the comedians I saw that summer in Excel and got to watch a bunch of Michael Jackson music videos—but didn’t fare as well upon rereading. My top two rankings—Curb and Beatles Albums—were both incredibly fun to do and have aged well. I have no idea why my fellow NPIers ranked “Months” so high: I felt that those rankings were idiosyncratic and uninteresting. But I’m glad Tim felt as great about “Candy” as I did.

Individual Rankings


8. Halloween Candy

7. Baseball movies

6. Michael Jackson Songs

5. UCB comics

4. Months

3. Curb seasons

2. Bill of Rights

1. Beatles Albums


8. Months

7. Baseball movies

6. UCB Comics

 5. Michael Jackson Songs

4. Bill of Rights

3.  Halloween Candy

2.  Beatles Albums

1.  Curb Seasons

8. Beatles Albums

7. Curb seasons

6. UCB comics

5. Bill of Rights

4. Michael Jackson Songs

3. Months

2. Halloween Candy

1. Baseball Movies

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by James Schneider on March 1, 2012 at 8:21 PM

    Well the baseball movies was a good post….but you guys sucked at the actual rankings….but I’m partial to comedians of the summer of 2009, you know, the post that introduced me to Hannibal Buress, but that was ranked poorly also. So yeah, its hard to argue with the top 3.

    But I was severely let down by the thousandth post! This is not even kind of celebratory, or even cool.


  2. “But I was severely let down by the thousandth post! This is not even kind of celebratory, or even cool.”

    James, this post didn’t meet your… expectations. Obviously you haven’t been reading the same blog that I have…

    Anyway, two thoughts: 1., more like… Michael Jacob Songs, and 2., I would have liked John and Josh’s ranking of season two of Louie to have been included. Alas, If I ran the blog… Speaking of which, how about a ranking of Theo Geisel books in honor of his birthday, which is toms…


  3. I think the most important take away from this is to continue to be angry at Tim for not showing the Beatles the proper respect they deserve.


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