Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, Week 8 Power Rankings

“I didn’t do anything wrong in this game. Not one thing!” —Frank



“I love watching San Diego fight. It’s sort of like a television show. It’s great.” —Trishelle




Last night’s episode picked up where last week’s left off: With San Diego in disarray and Frank as the villain. Zach specifically wanted nothing to do with Frank, while Frank somehow insisted that he did nothing wrong in backing out of the Arena at the last minute.

Luckily for San Diego, last night’s challenge, “Hunger Games,” didn’t really require much in the way of communication: Set up like a 1970s game show (so that MTV could capitalize on the Jennifer Lawrence movie AND Richard Dawson’s popularity), it was basically an eating contest. TJ Lavin would announce a food item, the teams would wager on how much of it they could eat in four minutes, and whomever wagered the highest had to actually do it.

I’m on the record as loving eating challenges—they don’t reward the typical athletes, and they are usually fun to watch. The wagering element of Hunger Games even added a strategy element. In the first round, Cancun claimed that it could collectively eat 51 pieces of baklava, which proved to be two too many (Jasmine seemed to have some trouble), and Cancun was sent into the Loser’s Round. In round two, though, Brooklyn went way over its wager of 35 grape leaves, and got to send San Diego into the Loser’s Round with Cancun. Thus, the two teams that have spent most of this season battling for #1 in the Power Rankings were headed to the Loser’s Round.

Brooklyn ended up winning Power Team for the second time in a row when St. Thomas vomited up some cow intestine, and San Diego couldn’t out-eat Cancun when the cuisine was cow testicles. Thus, for the second week in a row, San Diego had to face the Arena.

Brooklyn chose to send in Cancun. They claimed the decision was based on the fact that Cancun hasn’t been to the Arena yet, but it was also the right strategic move: Cancun and San Diego were both threats, and both clearly against Brooklyn.

Since the only remaining Arena challenge was Physical—last seen way back in Week 1—CJ volunteered himself and suggested Jonna go in with him. Jonna, though, apparently has some financial difficulties, and desperately needs the money, so she persuaded Jasmine to go in instead. This caused some backlash in the house, which I kind of understand—I mean, who couldn’t use the money?—but also kind of don’t—Isn’t the whole point to avoid the Arena however you can? Anyway, CJ/Jasmine went in against… Zach/Sam. Zach and Sam were originally slated for the Physical challenge, before Frank’s abdication last week, but Frank seemed to volunteer in order to atone for his previous cowardice. Of course, that didn’t last long, and San Diego sent the same two players into the Arena.

In the girls’ heat, Sam (predictably) demolished Jasmine—Sam has a clear size advantage on Jasmine (who doesn’t?). The guys’ heat looked to be a forgone conclusion given Zach’s size, but CJ’s lower center-of-gravity helped him out: Zach couldn’t budge him at first, and finally CJ grabbed Zach by the legs, pulling him through the “hallway” and giving CJ the first win. In the second game, CJ just ran by Zach, and Cancun and San Diego ended up tied.

The tiebreaker came down to a coin toss, which left it up to the guys. Again, CJ won the first race easily, leaving San Diego on the verge of elimination. Zach, realizing he had to try something different against CJ’s ability to get low, jumped over CJ and made it to his bell first, tying the tiebreaker. That display must have psyched CJ out, because he was unable to get as low in the decisive game and Zach simply barreled him over.

Thus the mighty Cancun lost CJ and Jasmine, and the dysfunctional San Diego remained intact… for now.

Now rank the pain away:

Eliminated: CJ & Jasmine (Cancun)

TJ Lavin praised CJ’s effort… so who’s the real winner?

5) Cancun (Derek/Jonna) (-4): I wonder how’s Jonna’s feeling about her odds of winning the money now…

4) St. Thomas (Robb/Marie) (+1): Hunger Games just showed how much of a disadvantage it is to have only two players.

3) San Diego (Frank/Zach/Sam/Ashley) (+1): The team is still a mess, but perhaps two straight Arena wins will mend fences.

2) Las Vegas (Alton/Dustin/Trishelle/Nany) (+1): Trishelle seems to be stirring up some shit this season, huh?

1) Brooklyn (Chet/JD/Devyn/Sarah) (+1): Two straight weeks as Power Team leads to a new and unlike #1.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mark on November 16, 2012 at 3:00 PM

    What a fantastic episode, although I’m kinda sad you didn’t mention St. Thomas’ at-the-time-insane-wager of 18 green chilis, then Marie’s even-more-ridiculous obliteration of said wager.


  2. Posted by James Schneider on November 23, 2012 at 10:01 PM

    Alton and Dustin> Frank and Zach


  3. Posted by Manny on November 29, 2012 at 4:05 PM

    damnn… i was actually rooting for Cancun to win.. i dont really like the other teams that are left..


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