Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Rivals II, Week 9 Power Rankings

Love story for the ages“She was about to tell me she loves me. Now she’s snoring.” —C.T.


“We ran circles around everyone that even attempted to do it… There is not a single person who’s not shaking in their boot.” —Wes


There’s a common fallacy in life that is always brilliantly illustrated on the Challenge—namely, the belief that if someone’s personal interests don’t align with your own, he is morally at fault. We saw this two weeks ago, when Frank took great umbrage with Jordan’s resistance to being voted in even though that’s what Frank wanted. It was as if Frank could not recognize that Jordan’s priorities might differ from his own.

On Wednesday, that same thing was on display, though this time it was two teams that were safe from the Jungle going at it. After Marlon/Jordan got voted in against Knight/Preston, thereby guaranteeing spots in the Final for C.T./Wes and Johnny/Frank, the two surviving teams went at it. Initially, it was all innocent trash talk, with Wes pointing out that Johnny nearly fainted after this week’s challenge, and therefore wasn’t much of a threat in the Final. Johnny responded by invoking Wes’ abysmal Final performance in the original Rivals season.

All that was fair game, but eventually it devolved into personal attacks, with Wes bragging about having “30 companies” (or 10x as many as Steve Jobs) and saying Johnny needs his mom to pay his rent.* Johnny, meanwhile, spent the rest of the episode criticizing Diem for flirting with C.T. again—Ah, C.T. and Diem. What’s left to say about these two, except that I’m very worried that all this time spent with them is foreshadowing some final betrayal.

*I always like when these players’ real lives get brought into fights, though I never know how much of this is true. I’m sure Johnny can pay his own rent, for example, but I do believe he’s never had a real job.

Ultimately, though, Johnny’s real problem with C.T. and Wes was that he has to beat them—and vice versa. Both teams are going to the Final, and both want to win. That does not make them bad people. I mean, some of them are bad people for other reasons, but not this.

Anyway, this week’s challenge, Rampage, was a good one, as it good a nice range of outcomes. C.T./Wes finished it with 30 seconds to spare—and jokingly asked TJ for more, to rub in their victory. Meanwhile, Johnny nearly passed out, and Jemmye/Camila’s match against Aneesa/Diem was such a joke it was set to Benny Hill music.*

*It’s really a problem how lightly teams take challenges when they don’t face elimination. Another reason not to separate the genders.

Predictably, Knight/Preston lost and Marlon/Jordan were voted in, to play Breaking on Through, which got Trey/Zach sent home in Week 5. This time it wasn’t particularly close—Knight couldn’t clip the chains on the second door, and Marlon/Jordan won easily.

Now tonight we rank in hell!

Eliminated: Knight/Preston

They didn’t deserve to make it even this far, though a Final with them would have been more of de facto one-on-one between Johnny/Frank and C.T./Wes.

7) Cooke/Cara Maria (—): Remember when Cara Maria was picked first in the Fresh Meat II draft? She’s turned out to be pretty terrible at challenges.

6) Camila/Jemmye (-1): Maybe Jemmye’s performance will improve with Knight gone.

5) Aneesa/Diem (-1): That drawn out scene with C.T. promising to help Diem—coupled with all the talk about Diem coming to be sorry—left me with a nervous feeling.

4) Johnny/Frank (-1): Looking as gassed as Johnny did after three minutes is inauspicious.

3) Emily/Paula (-1): Their spot in the final isn’t officially guaranteed, even if it’s effectively a guarantee.

2) Marlon/Jordan (+4): Two Jungle wins. One challenge win. No last place finishes. A pretty formidable team going into the Final.

1) C.T./Wes (—): As much as I like C.T., Johnny had a fair point about both Wes and C.T. putting up disappointing showings in their last Finals.

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  1. Posted by Josh on September 11, 2013 at 1:22 AM

    I think Wes has outperformed Johnny to this point in the challenge. 3 weeks ago Wes directed him and CT blindfolded to 2nd place, and while Johnny and Frank won it was because of Frank directing them not Johnny. Wes is the fastest swimmer in the house so his time was much better than Johnny’s (Wes might have only finished slower than Frank because he had CT grab the bar knowing he would be the faster swimmer). This past challenge Wes and CT finished with time to spare, while Johnny was gassed at the 2:40 mark. Wes might have cramped up and been the weak link on his team in the Rivals 1 final, but he did beat Johnny up that mountain to the checkpoint by 45 minutes. (Revealed on the reunion but not aired) This was not aired because production reduced the head start to 2 minutes to make it more entertaining TV. Clearly Wes was not thinking the final would be 2 days long and that a lead that he earned would be reduced that significantly. This could have been brought up in their argument, but there is no shot that production would ever let that air.


  2. […] any of the male teams winning, and I could see them finishing in virtually any order. Johnny’s performance last week didn’t bode well for his stamina, but he has a pretty good record in Final Challenges. C.T. and […]


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