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NCAA Tournament Preview: Jim Nantz calls your champion!

Filling out a bracket? I’m not 12 anymore.

Trying to predict the bracket? I did that before it was cool.

So how to fill the predictive void created when I watched less college basketball than ever before? Why, by trying to predict what terrible line Jim Nantz is going to use to announce a national champion!

Nantz’s line always becomes a topic of conversation during the championship game, but I’m diving in early. With a detailed knowledge of his punning tendencies and affection for history, I have come up with Nantz’s line in case any of the 64 remaining teams in the NCAA Tournament win their next six games.

You’re welcome.

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The Double Bonus: Final Four Preview

The Double Bonus podcast is back to break down the most important questions of this year’s Tournament: What was this year’s worst commercial? Are all 15-2 upsets alike? How did the winner of the West Region not start with the letter “M”? And just how bad was Duke this year? Tim and John S also break down the Final Four, and make predictions for every possible iteration of this weekend. They also break the mold with their choice of theme music. Click here to have your mind completely blown!

The Double Bonus: NCAA Tournament Preview

It’s the return of the Double Bonus Podcast! The NCAA Tournament has brought Tim and John S out of their unintentional retirement. Today they break down all four regions, pick all 32 games in the First Round (We don’t buy into the new terminology here at NPI), and make their Final Four predictions. Neither technical glitches nor an utter lack of awareness of what happened in college basketball this season slowed them down! It’s a podcast so long it had be split in two: Listen here for Part One, and here for Part Two, the grand finale!

The Double Bonus: Early Season Thoughts

The Double Bonus podcast is back! In the second podcast of the 2011-12 season, Tim and John S discuss the surprises of the first few weeks of this season. Is UNC as good as we expected? Is Ohio State even better? Have our sleepers looked good so far? Who is the third best team in the ACC? How does Austin Rivers compare to Kyrie Irving? Will Herman Cain be the next president? Also, who will win today’s Kentucky-North Carolina game? All these questions and more are discussed (to no definitive conclusions, of course) in today’s podcast. (Though, due to technical difficulties, we weren’t able to add the Pacific Life theme song, which, of course, is usually the best part of NPI Comes Alive!) Click here to listen to the podcast of a lifetime.


The Double Bonus: Season Preview

The Double Bonus returns! With college basketball season officially underway–and Monday’s 24-hour marathon on ESPN being a reminder of how awesome college basketball is–John S and Tim return for their first ever in-person podcast! Together they break down their picks for each of the major conferences, discuss sleepers and POY candidates, and fondly reminisce about the good old days of the 2009 season. Click here to listen to the podcast that will change your life!

The Double Bonus: NCAA Championship Review

You’ve heard the podcasts; you’ve read the liveblogs (if you haven’t read the liveblogs, do so now). Now listen as John S and Tim break down the final game of the 2011 college basketball season. Today they’re discussing the atrocious title game, the disappointments of 2011, the permanence of parity, and the gradual effects of early entry. Click here to listen to the final Double Bonus podcast of the 2011 season!

The Double Bonus: Championship Monday

To join the live chat that kicks off at 9 p.m. Monday night, just click here!

This is it, folks: the culmination of five thrilling months that began way back in November with Tim’s interminable 2011 College Basketball Preview Palooza. Even though Tim and John’s beloved Blue Devils aren’t involved in the action tonight, this is still a very intriguing title game with a serious rooting interest (they can join the masses in cheering for Butler this year!). Plus, for like the first time all Tournament, the two disagree on who is going to win, from their award-winning podcast:

JOHN S: “I am picking UConn. I thought really hard about picking Butler. I think they match up well with UConn and will give them a hell of a game. I think it’ll probably be close in the same way Duke and Butler was last year. But for the same reasons we picked UConn over Kentucky, in a close game with two teams back and forth, who has the best player, who do you trust the most with the ball in his hands to get the big shot? And that’s Kemba Walker. I think UConn wins, 63-61.”

TIM [after analyzing Butler’s contests with Cleveland State and Norris Cole]: “I think it’s gonna be a close game. Part of this is the novelty of the pick, but I am going to pick Butler to beat UConn and win the national championship. I trust Butler more to get a defensive stop late than I trust even Kemba Walker to score a bucket late against their defense. They’re so good in terms of help defense, I think Stevens will have a good strategy for neutralizing Walker. I’m sure Nored will play a part in that. And I can imagine the tenor of that game being Kemba Walker hasn’t had that good a game, maybe Jeremy Lamb carries them and keeps them close, and it’s late and they’re looking for Walker to hit the big shot and it doesn’t fall. That’s how I see that game going, and I pick Butler to win, 65-62.”

And remember, the live chat that kicks off at 9 p.m. Monday night. Just click here!

The Double Bonus: Final Four Live Blog!

Tim and John S have been wrong throughout this NCAA Tournament. So now that it’s almost over, they’re doing their best to accelerate the chances they have to make up for it! You’ve heard their podcast previewing tonight, now get their reactions to Saturday’s semifinal games in real time! All you have to do is click here.

The Double Bonus: Final Four Preview

The Final Four begins tonight, and Tim and John S are back with the Double Bonus podcast to break it all down. Today they’re discussing the value of underdogs, the amazing Kemba Walker, the sneakiness of VCU, the lack of #1 seeds, the perimeter defense of Butler, and they break down every possible championship game (although Tim shoots down John’s plan to break down every conceivable championship game). Click here to listen to their witty words of wisdom!

The Double Bonus: Sweet Sixteen/Elite Eight Recap!

It’s the Double Bonus Podcast! Today John S and Tim are recapping the Regional Semis and Finals: They’re discussing more Harrellson/Zoubek comparisons, the pantheon of Duke Sweet 16 losses, the unfair maligning of Jimmer Fredette, the genius of Brad Stevens and Shaka Smart, and, most importantly, the Elite Eight run by the Gonzaga women. Click here to listen to the sweet sounds of the Double Bonus!