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Talkin’ Final Four: Butler vs. Michigan State

John S: Alright, Tim, it’s Final Four time. I don’t know how we manage during the two weeks before the Super Bowl, because just having two more basketball free days really chills my excitement for the Final Four. An up-for-grabs game between two very likable teams that not many people saw getting this far, though, is a great way to start the weekend. But, this game is going to be UGLY. Neither of these teams plays a very fast game, particularly now that Kalin Lucas is gone, and each of them likes to keep the game low-scoring. Matt Howard, Butler’s leading rebounder who is going to be counted on to hang with Michigan State’s great rebounders, seems to start the game with three fouls. Butler managed to beat Syracuse and Kansas State by getting them to take bad shots, but the Bulldogs themselves haven’t shot particularly well either. So this game may not be the most aesthetically pleasing of the Tournament. My question to you: Will it be ugly exciting, or ugly boring?

Tim: Well, if you run down the games these two teams have played in the Tournament so far, it’s hard not to envision this being ugly exciting. Michigan State won its four games by a total of 13 points–which I think is the fewest ever for a Final Four team. After its first-round win over UTEP, Butler’s last three games have come down to the final minute. I have no doubt in my mind that this game is going to be close. Continue reading

Aught Lang Syne: The Buzzer Beaters of the Decade

Earlier, we counted down the Top 10 Games in college basketball over the last decade. But if you’re half the college basketball fan that I am, you know that list was surely lacking. Here, in no particular order, are the games that, while overall weren’t good enough to make that list, still provoke that ineffable joy of the fantastic finish. They are good games with great finishes. Enjoy and bookmark.

2005 Michigan State v. Kentucky

This was the third best regional final that year. Yeah.

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Aught Lang Syne: Top 10 Games — College Basketball

College football, you can have your “meaningful regular season.” College basketball’s postseason will be better than yours whether you change it or not.

The perfection that is the NCAA Tournament gave me a plethora of delights to choose from for this top 10. My shortlist was actually quite long, running into the 30s. It was so long, in fact, that later today we’re adding a special post—Buzzer Beaters of the Decade—to commemorate the best at the buzzer in college basketball, even if the entire games weren’t good enough to crack this list.

Those that just missed the cut for this prized pantheon include the Aughts’ biggest upset by seed (Hampton over Iowa State in 2001), Kansas staving off Davidson in the 2008 Elite Eight, and West Virginia’s thrilling double-overtime upset of Wake Forest in 2005. But don’t worry Mountaineer fans, you’re still involved here. But, ugh, not in a good way.

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The NBA Finals, Noted

I’ll be honest: I no longer have the time nor effort to think coherently about the NBA. Instead, I’m more of a bullet point kind of guy. So, some thoughts while I skipped Game 1 to see Star Trek:

  • The real reason the Magic are in the Finals? Pinstripes. The last four years Orlando has donned pinstripes = two Finals appearances. The 10 years in-between = irrelevance.
  • I know it’s supposed to be “Magic is,” but that just don’t sound good.
  • And could it kill them to taper the stripes the same on the front and the back?
  • How could the Lakers reach the Finals without being able to defend the pick-and-roll? Isn’t that, you know, kind of important? That’s like a team reaching the World Series that has trouble fielding ground balls.
  • Wait…the Magic won 59 games this year? That’s the Dave Holmes “Say What?” Stat of the Week.
  • Wait…the Magic have been around for 20 years? That’s the Joey Lawrence “Whoa!” Stat of the Week.
  • Sure, the Lakers looked good in Game 1, but isn’t there a small part of them thinking, “If only we had kept the other Gasol…”?
  • An Orlando win totally vindicates Patrick Ewing, right?
  • It was nice to see J.J. Redick get some playing time earlier in the playoffs, but come on, when the rookie from Western Kentucky comes back from injury, you can’t expect Redick to crack that rotation.
  • Is Amway Arena the same building as the old O-Rena? Either way, why don’t they call it that anymore?
  • Isn’t it about time to get on the Spurs’ front office for letting both Luis Scola and Hedo Turkoglu walk?
  • Do you ever think that Adam Morrison sits on the bench and says to himself, “Man, I should have come out a year earlier.”
  • I don’t care how it turned out: That was a terrible contract Orlando gave Rashard Lewis.
  • And how didn’t Lewis and Ray Allen team up for multiple Northwest Division championships in Seattle?
  • If you constructed an all-time Orlando Magic roster, where does Tom Tolbert fit in?
  • That was a rough Game 1 for Orlando. I can’t remember the Magic having a worse start to a Finals series, right?