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Ranking Bob Dylan Songs, #100: Down the Highway

Happy Birthday, Bob

The Bob Dylan Rankings have been on an extended hiatus, but they’re back today—in honor of Dylan’s 70th birthday— with “Down the Highway,” from The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. It’s something of an odd selection: In addition to not being a particularly memorable song, it’s also incongruous with Dylan hitting an age so neatly associated with old age. “Down the Highway” is a playful and undeveloped song, and in some ways immature.

Nevertheless, “Down the Highway” allows us to delve into one of the most ubiquitous motifs of Dylan’s now seven-decade-long life: the road. What, after all, is Dylan’s obsession with highways? Continue reading

Summer Birthdays

A few weeks ago, Josh asked why birthdays seem to become less enjoyable over time and wondered if separating the “age” part of the birthday from the “celebration” part would impede this trend.

While I think his idea of a “lifeday” is an admirable suggestion (if unfortunately named), I think he oversimplifies the problems that come with birthdays for adults. Anyone with a summer birthday, like myself, can attest to this fact.

Summer birthday kids have an entirely different birthday experience than the rest of you. I remember in kindergarten, everyone in my class got to have a party and bring in Dunkin Donuts Munchkins on their birthday. Coming to the realization that my birthday did not fall on a school day and that it would therefore pass unrecognized and donut hole-less was very traumatizing for me. My mom and my teacher decided to get together and throw me a party during the school year, like a month before my actual birthday, but even at five I thought that was fucking ridiculous.

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