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Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Exes, Week 7 Power Rankings

“You should be, like, a psychologist.” —Diem, to Ty


“Are you sure this isn’t racist?”—Emily, about to perform in blackface



Well, that was a really good episode of Battle of the Exes. At least, until MTV decided to cut it off before Ty and Emily’s Dome opponent was revealed—a classic move by Challenge producers in their most exciting episodes. Leading up to that, though, the episode had a nice duality, with the heartwarming story of C.T. and Diem, the challenge’s winners, contrasted with the depressing tale of Ty and Emily, its losers.

With shades of Breaking Bad, the episode began in medias res, showing scenes from the fallout Ty and Emily’s fight before flashing back to Two Days Earlier, when it was C.T. and Diem who were dealing with the fallout of a recent fight. Diem explained that, in the three days since the blowout featured in last week’s episode, she and C.T. have not spoken or even so much as looked at each other: When one of them enters a room, the other leaves. Continue reading

A Review of Mad Men Season Three So Far

Mad MenAbout a month ago I declared Mad Men “a cool show to like” at least partially due to the fact that it was so critically beloved.

A downside of a show being so critically beloved, though, is that it can often get away with doing things other shows would get slammed for.

Boring dream sequences, hastily drawn relationships, rehashing tired plot-lines and shock value are not features we usually like in dramas, and yet Mad Men has relied on them throughout the first five episodes of its new season.

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