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The Double Bonus: Duke Wins!

Tim and John S collected themselves after last night’s brilliant National Championship to bring you this special National Championship Edition of The Double Bonus:

TIM: So John, are we allowed to breathe now?

JOHN S: I guess you can. I still haven’t. That game was the most nerve-wracking, heart-wrenching, emotionally draining game I’ve ever watched as a Duke fan. It unfolded almost like a nightmare. Butler was doing to Duke exactly what it had been doing to teams all Tournament long: Staying close and then holding them without a field goal in the final minutes. It looked like it was setting up perfectly for a Butler comeback, with Nolan Smith, our best player throughout the Tournament, and Kyle Singler, our best player in the Final Four, each clunking shots off the front of the rim, setting up not one but TWO attempts at the game-winner by Butler’s star.

And I, like so many others, thought they were both going in when they left Gordon Hayward’s hands…. Continue reading

Looking Back: Great Buzzer Beaters

Danero Thomas and Ishmael Smith, welcome to the club. (We’re still debating Quincy Pondexter’s credentials.) The buzzer beater is what makes March mad–what, in the flick of a wrist and the swish of a net, can vindicate all those people who looked at Murray State’s 30-4 record and said, “You know, there’s a team that’s been flying under the radar.” Back in December, during Aught Lang Syne, we looked at some of the most memorable college basketball finishes of the decade–many in the Tournament, others not. Here they are, reproduced, in celebration of the Buzzer Beater.

2005 Michigan State v. Kentucky

This was the third best regional final that year. Yeah.

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