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Top 173 Things in World History: #2. Jesus

I know; I thought he would be No. 1, too. But this is the “Top 173 Things in World History” and not the “best.” And while Jesus may have been the best thing in world history—at least according to me—he didn’t do quite enough to get the top spot. You know, his ministry did only last like a year.

But, regardless where you stand on Christianity and religion in general, it’s difficult to deny the transformative significance of Jesus of Nazareth. He is the most influential individual human being of at least the last 2000 years and probably going back even further, into those years we define by how far they were from his birth. You can interpret that influence as good or bad, but you cannot reject it. Continue reading

Ranking Bob Dylan Songs, #111: Gospel Plow

Bob Dylan’s religious beliefs have always been a source of mystery and confusion. Most of the controversy stems from his conversion to Christianity in the late 1970s and the three evangelical albums he released before apparently relapsing back to Judaism. It’s hard to deny that his time as a born-again Christian was one of the more perplexing religious awakenings by a musician (right up their with Little Richard, Cat Stevens, Madonna, and plenty of others), but it’s easy to look back at Dylan’s earlier recordings and see evidence of his attraction to Christianity from his nascent beginnings. Continue reading