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The Sports Revolution: Match Play NASCAR

Let me set the scene for you: it’s Lap 97 of 250 in a NASCAR race, and a whole lot of cars are moving counter-clockwise in an oval, with some stopped getting gas. And nobody is watching on television.

Let me reset the scene for you: it’s Lap 9 of 10 in a NASCAR race, and only two cars are moving clockwise in an oval, and there’s no getting gas or anything. And some people are watching on television.

Some upfront honesty: The appeal of NASCAR has always escaped me. I, too, can drive, and occasionally at high speeds. I can also turn right.

It is possible that NASCAR may never appeal to the high-minded intellectual that I present myself to be. Even my more regional Formula One falls short of my high standards for transcendence in sport. But this does not mean NASCAR can rest on its laurels and deny its need for improvement. There is, in fact, one very obvious way for the sport to become much more competitive, much more interesting, and far more entertaining: NASCAR needs to become a one-on-one event.

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