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Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, Week 2 Power Rankings

“This is rookie justice. That’s all this is. This is the rookie revolution.” —Frank



“I’ve never wrestled in oil. I’m excited to do it.”—Chet


This season of the Challenge is harder than any other to recap, for the simple reason that I still have no idea who these people are. Frank? Robb-with-two-Bs? Knight? These guys sound like a forgotten ‘90s boy band.

Luckily for me, though, the teams have made it easier for me by falling into nice, neat alliances already. Surprisingly, the dominant alliance is led by the rookies: San Diego, New Orleans, Cancun, and Las Vegas have teamed up, and those four teams had a majority of the players going into last night’s challenge. The team does have some vets, like Alton, Trishelle, and CJ, but it’s mostly rookies, and the leader/most-vocal-member appears to be Frank. Continue reading

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, Week 1 Power Rankings

“Danny and Melinda couldn’t work out their marriage; I can’t imagine they’re going to work on a team together.” —Nan




“We can win the money and then we can go back to Square One: hating each other.” — Chet



Aaaaaaaaaand we’re back! MTV is back with another edition of the Challenge. This time it’s Battle of the Seasons, and I have so many questions: Who will win? Who will get stabbed in the back? Who ARE THESE PEOPLE?

While every season seems to have a few people I don’t recognize, this season is the first time that I almost can’t keep up. It’s like I’m watching a spin-off show, or The Challenge: The New Class. Of the seven seasons featured in the introduction, I never watched a minute of four of them—St. Thomas, Back to New Orleans, Back to San Diego*—and I watched less than half of Cancun; thank goodness the Las Vegas team includes some of the original Vegas cast… Continue reading