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Monday Medley

What we read while letting go…

  • Sure, it was cool of Mikhail Prokhorov to handpick a blogger to sit down with for one of his first American interviews. But, we can’t help but feel a little spurned. I mean, Tim loves the Nets!
  • Our favorite Canadian magazine’s June cover story explores the shifting ownership of hockey and asks if Canada can really claim the NHL as its own after the league has expanded into the American sunbelt. It’s an interesting read on how the differences between how Canadians and Americans view hockey stand for the country’s larger distinctions: “Americans, on the other hand, do not need to worry about something as abstruse as the dignity of hockey. They may not have hockey in their DNA, as advertisers keep telling us we do, but this gives them the enormous advantage of being able to assess hockey without their view being obscured by the claptrap of national identity that so confounds the Canadian perspective.”

Which Baseball Movie Would You Want To Actually Happen?

Tim’s pretty sure this whole idea started with an innocuous comment to John during a customary monthly reviewing of Little Big League. It was something along the lines of “You know, now that I’m older, I’m more interested in the media side of sports. That’s the most interesting part about this movie to me. It’d be so much more interesting if this happened than, say, Rookie of the Year.

Debate on.

The question is simple: Which baseball movie would most intrigue you if it were to actually occur? We considered seven movies, leaving off true stories (been there, done that), ones that couldn’t register on a national scale (sorry, The Sandlot), and ones we all haven’t seen (The Natural). Enjoy.

Note: Click on the images to see trailers of each movie.

Note 2: Per the usual, we ranked them, in descending order.

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