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The Three Major* Holidays That Often Come & Go Without Me Being Aware That They Happened

Yesterday was Flag Day?

*“Major” defined as being either federally recognized or nationally celebrated.

Yesterday was the Great American Bacchanalia known as Flag Day. If, for some reason, you did not attend a Flag Day parade in the morning, host a Flag Day barbecue in the evening, sit beside the Flag Day tree in the evening, and go to bed underneath the Star of Flag Day, then you are not alone: I, too, was not aware that yesterday was Flag Day until this morning.

Anyway, as the title promised, here are the three major holidays that often come and go without me being aware that they happened: Continue reading

A Salute to Flag Day

Today is Flag Day. Flag Day is my favorite joke holiday (as I’ve implied before), edging out Arbor Day and Columbus Day. But watching the World Cup has, among other things, instilled in me a new appreciation for the United States flag.

It is really cool.

It is SO much better than most any other flag. Most flags are just three colors arranged in boring rows or boring columns. Some aren’t even smart enough to come up with a third color (I’m looking at you, Poland).* African nations are often creative enough only to add a star and/or a crescent moon on a backdrop of 2-3 colors. Japan’s flag is a red circle.** I mean, come ON. Although I suppose that’s better than Argentina’s anthropomorphized sun. Or Canada’s leaf. And Mexico: Last I checked, the eagle was kind of our thing. Nice try, though. England? Please, the flag I and everyone I know associate with England (this one) isn’t the one they actually use over there (this one). I’m the religious one on this blog and even I think modeling a flag after St. George’s Cross is a bit much. Besides, way to not differentiate yourself from every other country in northern Europe.

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Bastille Day

Today is Bastille Day. Bastille Day celebrates the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789 by the French. It is not one of the Top 173 Things in History, largely because it just falls under the umbrella of something much larger that is.

But, in the wake of discussing the Defenestration of Prague, let us pause to recognize the people who got it right. The people who knew, “This is how you start a revolution.”

Bastille Day is like the Defenestration of Prague plus logic.

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