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Happy Halloween

In honor of today’s festivities, here is Jerry Seinfeld with some thoughts on Halloween:

What Happened to the Baseball Card?

jason-isringhausenThrough the 1990s, elementary school cafeterias across the country were pervaded with ambitious young children frantically flipping through multiple binders full of baseball cards. Many children also had the Beckett Baseball Price Guide, which listed the value of virtually every card and was often consulted during a trade to determine whether one was about to get ripped off.* Children became young economists in addition to sports fans, trading based on market value.

*One problem with the Beckett Price Guide is that it encouraged children to trade not based on their preferences but on some dubious market value. But frankly, for more than almost anyone, preferences really do matter for children. A Mets fan is going to get way more pleasure out of a Jason Isringhausen rookie card (this was my favorite card as a child) than a Yankees fan. The fact that this card may be fifty cents less in value than a Jimmy Key rookie card does not mean I shouldn’t have traded for it. Yet, Beckett sometimes would promote this non-pleasure maximizing behavior. (H/T to John S. for reminding me of this Beckett criticism.)
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