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Monday Medley

What we read while surviving Hurricane Earl…

  • We’d have already bought a few of these literary posters if not for their strict “Canadian currency only” policy.

Fresh Mediocrity: A Review of Pret A Manger

Pret A Manger (“Pret”) is a London-based sandwich retail chain that has been expanding in the US. There are now 24 outlets in New York and one in Washington, DC. Despite encountering many Pret outlets in England, it was the latter outlet that gave me my first experience eating one of their celebrated fresh sandwiches.

“Pret A Manger” is French for ready-to-eat. You need not have an understanding of French, though, to know that their sandwiches are made fresh. They are all lined up in paperboard containers (used instead of plastic to emphasize the freshness!) on refrigerated shelves. You should be wary about not having a sandwich decision in mind before approaching the shelf, because if you stand dormant in front of a shelf for more than two or three seconds, a Pret employee will almost certainly cut in front of you to load on some more of the fresh sandwiches. They are, of course, loaded in the front rather than the back so every customer gets the freshest sandwich available.*

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Manufacturing Want

I don’t know if anyone has heard about Colgate Wisp, but it’s all the rage now (actually, I just heard of it about fifteen minutes ago, I have no evidence that anyone even owns one).

Now, for those of you who don’t know what it is and don’t have time to investigate the website as thoroughly as I did, the Wisp is a portable, disposable miniature toothbrush. It has a “freshening bead” so there is no need for toothpaste or water. You can get a four-pack for about $3 or 16 for $8. It promises fresh breath, anytime. Continue reading