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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season Seven Review

In case we haven’t made it clear yet, we’re pretty big fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm here at NPI, and we were rather excited for Season Seven. Now that Season Seven has concluded, though, it’s worthwhile to go back and compare our expectations to what we actually got.

Back when F.P., Josh and I went over our expectations for this season, I mentioned that I thought Larry’s relationship with the Blacks would be the main storyline of this season, with a potential Larry/Loretta/Cheryl love triangle developing; the Seinfeld reunion, I said, would be more of a secondary plotline. Well, I was right that the Seinfeld reunion was not the primary story: the show was only central to three episodes, and incidental to two others. But I was way off on the Blacks. Loretta and her family were sent packing in the second episode of the season, “Vehicular Fellatio.”

I can’t say I was upset by this development. I thought there was a lot of potential in the Larry/Loretta pairing, but, as Josh and F.P. each pointed out, there was also the tendency to do trite or obvious jokes with them. Season Six and the first two episodes of this season gave Larry plenty of opportunity to flesh out his dynamic with the Black family. And while the first two episodes were very strong—particularly the second episode (“Do you know what it’s like to have cancer?” “No, but I know what it’s like to be with someone who has cancer.”)—I never really missed Loretta or Auntie Rae during the rest of the season. Continue reading

Trying to Contain Our Enthusiasm for Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry and Jeff

Tonight is the premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Seventh Season, so John S, Josh and F.P. Santangelo got together to discuss their thoughts and expectations for the new season in the second part of our two-part prelude to Season Seven. Continue reading

Are We Overreacting to the Henry Louis Gates Scandal?

The news tends to amplify single events, implying a general trend where none exists. This seems to be exactly what is happening in regard to the Henry Louis Gates situation. For those unfamiliar, Gates, a prominent black scholar, was arrested in Cambridge, MA, after he “broke into” his own home because the door was jammed shut. Already people are implying that this single instance has undone any racial progress Barack Obama made last year.

Looking at the details of the case, however, the situation reveals itself to be an unfortunate misunderstanding. Obviously, Gates should never have been arrested, but the Cambridge Police Department quickly dropped the charges and has since apologized. This doesn’t undo the wrong, but it suggests that the arrest was more the result of a misunderstanding than malice. This wasn’t exactly Martin Luther King, Jr. getting arrested in Birmingham. Continue reading