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NBA Playoff Preview: Magic v. Hawks

A BIT SUPERFLUOUS AT THIS POINT, NO? True, the Magic’s 43-point win in Game 1 has eliminated most of the mainstream media’s initial enthusiasm for this series. But not mine!

YOU’RE STILL ENTHUSED FOR THIS SERIES? No, I never was. So, the 43-point Game 1 didn’t really change my outlook at all. This series should be broadcast entirely on NBA TV.

DIDN’T YOU SAY THE LINE OF DEMARCATION IN THE EAST WAS AFTER THE HAWKS? I meant that a line of demarcation was after the Hawks. There can be more than one!

TELL THAT TO SPAIN AND PORTUGAL! It’s a Treaty of Tordesillas joke!

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NBA Playoff Preview: Lakers v. Jazz



WHAT DID YOU LEARN FROM GAME 1? Absolutely nothing. I didn’t see a minute of it. Although I suppose I “learned” that Deron Williams had no injury issues from the Denver series. So there’s that.

WE’VE SEEN THIS MATCHUP BEFORE: Yep. Third year in a row between the Lakers and Jazz, with LA winning in six in the second round in ’08 and in five in the first round in ’09.

SO LAKERS IN FOUR IN ’10? Not quite. I expect this to be every bit as close a series as the other Western Conference Semi and every bit as intense as LA’s first-rounder with Oklahoma City (which I nailed, by the way). This was probably as good a Jazz team as we’ve seen over the last four playoff seasons—before the injuries to Andrei Kirilenko and Mehmet Okur. If Kirilenko comes back during this series—as he hopes to do for Game 3—I can definitely see the Jazz making life difficult on the Lakers.

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NBA Playoff Preview: Suns v. Spurs

HOW HIGH ARE YOUR EXPECTATIONS FOR THIS SERIES? THROUGH THE ROOF? I don’t think my expectations for any NBA playoff series in the last 12 years has been “through the roof,” unless you count the Nets and Lakers Finals, when I was pretty sure New Jersey was going to stun the world in seven.

BUT IS THIS AS EXCITED AS YOU’VE BEEN FOR A SERIES SINCE JORDAN’S RETIREMENT? As long as you except series involving the Knicks and Nets, I suppose. Although I was pretty excited for Suns-Spurs in the first round two years ago.

THAT WAS A GREAT SERIES! False. It was a great Game 1. The series was over after that.

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NBA Playoff Preview: Cavaliers v. Celtics

ABOUT THOSE CELTICS…: Yeah, I was a little off on that, eh?

NO. YOU WERE MORE THAN A “LITTLE OFF” ON THAT: Let’s just say that the Heat were not who I thought they were.

AND YOU LET THEM OFF THE HOOK! I don’t think that makes sense. I picked them. They’re awful. Michael Beasley is terrible.

WHAT IS IT WITH YOU AND TEAMS IN GREEN? Hmm, hadn’t thought of that. To be fair, I’m all over the Seattle Sounders in MLS this season.

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NBA Playoff Preview: Eastern Conference First Round

Yeah, I know the NBA Playoffs already started over the weekend. Big deal. Did anything that happened really change our perception going in? Especially in the East? Thought so.

Pretty much ever since Michael Jordan retired, the East has been significantly worse than the West. The East has only won three championships since 1998–two of them came in upsets of the Lakers, and the third came in one of the worst Finals of all time. This year, however, might be the first time since Jordan beat Russell that the postseason favorite resides in the East. LeBron James and the Cavaliers had the best record in basketball by a wide margin and will finally get to team James with Antawn Jamison and Shaquille O’Neal. And although the East lacks the same depth as the West, it is deeper than it has been in some years, with four 50-win teams and all eight playoff teams at .500 or better. Does that make the first-round any better? Well…

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