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Monday Medley

What we read while disappointing our mothers….

  • Sticking with the sports theme this week, the UVA lacrosse scandal has predictably erupted into a series of “Is it lacrosse’s fault?” articles from a media that seems to forget those Duke kids were acquitted. We suggest you start with the measured response here, and work your way through the links. There’s also anecdotal stuff making the rounds on the Internets from Katie Baker at Deadspin and Andrew Sharp at SB Nation.
  • I really wish this satirical job posting were further from the truth. (Our biggest issue is with the “light filing.”)

The Double Bonus: More Is Less

We'll just have to bump this out a little wider...anybody got 11x17?

Remember, as is the somewhat-settled-upon standard, John S’s comments are in red and Tim’s are in black.

Earlier this week, Sports by Brooks reported that, according to sources, expanding the NCAA Tournament from 65 to 96 is “a done deal.” Sources have since denied that anything is final, but the NCAA is at least in serious talks about opting out of their current television contract with CBS and letting other networks, like Fox and ESPN, bid on the new tournament, which could be expanded as early as next year.

We should have known that this was coming as soon as Coach K endorsed it, particularly given the fact that more money is on the table with a larger tournament. The Coach K endorsement actually was pretty significant; before him, most of the support for expansion came from coaches of teams on the bubble—not exactly the most impartial sources. Even Jim Boeheim’s vocal support of the idea came in 2006, when his team was heading for a ninth-place finish in the Big East and needed a few miracles from Gerry McNamara to make the Tournament. But Duke has been on the bubble once in the last 14 years, so it’s hard to see Krzyzewski benefiting much from the expanded field.

Truthfully, it’s hard to see anyone besides the head coaches of bubble teams benefiting much from this—this is a colossally bad idea. Like, BCS bad. Continue reading