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Monday Medley

What we read while getting nostalgic about driving the New York State Thruway in the Summer of ’69:

  • We basically should just tell you to read the New York Times Magazine each week, but when Political Science gets a feature-length article, it merits additional mention: Check out this article chronicling Political Science Professor Bruce Bueno de Mesquita’s impressive modeling to predict Iranian nuclear behavior, among other interesting tidbits.
  • Want to know why to you have to shut-off your iPod during take-off? If you’ve ever flown on a plane before, you should find this series of interviews by the Freakonomics blog with an anonymous commercial pilot quite interesting.

Monday Medley

What we read while pondering confirmation bias:

  • Time‘s profile of Newark Mayor Cory Booker warms one of our Jersey-raised hearts, even if it fails to answer its most intriguing question: How has the election of Obama “diluted the Booker brand?” Sean Gregory’s piece seems to do a better job of getting to know Booker in a shorter amount of time–see: the “Frasier” anecdote–than last year’s Esquire profile that earned a letter to the editor from Booker himself. Of course, all these profiles of Booker give credence to the criticism that the mayor can’t get enough publicity.
  • An extensive profile of the the NPI-consensus best announcing trio in baseball… and sports. Hat Tip to Neil Best whose Watchdog blog we also endorse, particularly for those interested in sports media.