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One Year Later

One year: It was the longest The Beatles ever went between record releases. It was the amount of time Elaine was banned from the Soup Nazi’s shop. According to the Synoptic Gospels, it was approximately the length of Jesus’ ministry. Most famously, it is the length of time it takes Earth to revolve around the sun. And now it is how long No Pun Intended has been…doing whatever it is we do here.

Yes, it was one year ago today that NPI published its initial post (as well as three others). Back then Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze, and Dennis Hopper were all alive. Back then Sarah Palin was still the Governor of Alaska, David Souter was still on the Supreme Court, and Conan O’Brien was the host of The Tonight Show. Back then, Lost was still on TV, Titanic was still the highest-grossing film in American history, and Lady Gaga had only had two #1 singles. Then NPI came along and all that changed. (Of course, correlation doesn’t always mean causation.)

We declared then that our goal was “to be topical, relevant, entertaining, and, logically following from these three, interesting.” Hopefully we have succeeded more often than we have failed.

We’ve covered everything from deep dish pizza to the evolution of TV to Mariano Rivera, from The Sopranos to the Old Testament to the Food Network, from the 1999 NLCS to apologism to David Foster Wallace. We’ve ranked the Bill of Rights, the work of Bob Dylan, and everything in history. Oh, and we had some French guy discussing sports rules.

This all may seem self-congratulatory (and it is), but it’s all by way of a thank you to those have read us: A blog is only worth writing if you feel that someone is reading, and we here at NPI appreciate all our readers. It’s only with the help and encouragement of those who read us that NPI has lasted longer than Joe DiMaggio’s marriage to Marilyn Monroe, the entire series of Freaks and Geeks, and the French Revolution’s Legislative Assembly.

In all that time, here are a few of our favorite posts: Continue reading

Deborah Solomon Interviews NPI


Discourse on Culture


Why “No Pun Intended”? It was a phrase we liked. Plus we could see “NPI” on a shirt.

Isn’t that an embarrassing way of coming up with a name? Shouldn’t the title of your blog stand for some deeper philosophical meaning, or raison d’etre? Well, we don’t intend puns, if that’s what you’re looking for.

It’s not. I read your first post. Don’t you think it’s a little immodest to use the same opening lines as the Bible? Or are you trying to be that big? We think it’s unfair for the Bible to claim monopoly over prepositional phrases.

And what is “humorous and intellectual discourse on culture”? Aren’t those just a bunch of buzz words strung together as a pretense of a mission and a cover-all for “We’re writing whatever the hell we want”? That’s perceptive of you.

Thank you. Is it perceptive if I say I don’t find your blog to be humorous or intellectual, or even all that discursive on culture? No, not really.

Well, I don’t. That’s too bad. Continue reading

“In the beginning…”

We should clarify one thing from the beginning: In some ways, our name is meant to be taken literally. This is to say, No Pun Intended is not a blog about puns; if so, puns would be intended, and our header would be a lie.

We are not liars.

In other ways, our name is meant to be taken figuratively. In other words, No Pun Intended is not a blog about not intending puns; if so, we imagine our audience would be, oh, shall we say, somewhat miniscule.

With that out of the way, you may be wondering what, if not puns, is the raison d’etre of NPI. Quite simply, it is intelligent and humorous discourse—something we find (and we hope you do, too) somewhat lacking in the current cultural climate. What exactly we discourse upon is a more complex issue. Culture, after all, tends to resist simplistic definitions.

There will be sports because one of us believes they are the single greatest manifestation of culture. There will be music, literature, and politics because the others of us believe that these things are pretty important, too. There will not be musings about our personal lives or rambling stories about our pets or children. In fact, we don’t have pets or children.

The goal, then, is to be topical, relevant, entertaining, and, logically following from these three, interesting.

Who are we? Well, that’s a question that doesn’t seem to satisfy our criteria.