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Monday Medley

What we read while taking it easy with our Irish Lit baseball puns…

Symposium: Defending Objectivity

Since I’m only responding to John’s post now, I will do a line-by-line response.

John says:
“The “objective” judgments he mentions, that involve thinking “hard and rationally” (as if subjective judgments don’t), are: “You could say that Movie A’s theme was better developed than Movie B’s, or that the dialogue in Movie A was less meaningful than the dialogue in Movie B.” Ok, what if I think Movie A’s theme was better developed and you think Movie B’s was? How do we resolve this supposedly “objective” dispute?”
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Symposium: Objectively Good?

First of all, I’m putting a moratorium on discussing the quality (or lack thereof) of Saving Private Ryan, a movie NONE of us have evidently seen, and so none of us are really equipped to discuss.

Moving on, Josh concludes his discussion of the subject by saying, “I don’t pretend to know some objective equation for measuring a movie’s greatness, but I do maintain that it is possible to compare movies’ greatness on grounds other than taste.”

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