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Survivor Survival Guide: “That Girl Is Like a Virus”

“There’s nobody out here that’s honorable. There’s nobody out here that’s honorable anymore—except for me. I hate to pontificate on this. Martin Luther King says that the greatest measure of a man is not in the way he handles times of comfort, but in the way he rises to controversy and challenge. There’s always hope; the last thing we have in life and in this game is hope that the impossible will happen, that we dare to dream that Randy’s gonna wake up in this camp tomorrow. So yes, there’s still hope. I still have breath and a brain cell in this brain. I will fight for him.”

—Coach, who then voted Randy out of the tribe

Last week, NPI’s go-to television critic, Alan Sepinwall of the Star-Ledger, wrote about how the way Survivor episodes were edited often revealed a lot of what was going to happen. To wit: Even before the Immunity Challenge in Week 2, there was already discussion in the Heroes’ camp about who should be voted off, and a lot more of the camp dissension centered on Stephenie than on Amanda. Consequently, it wasn’t surprising when the Heroes lost and when Steph was voted off.

When I read that last week, I kind of conceded the point, thinking I too should have seen it all coming (not like it was a huge surprise, but still…). But then I remembered that Survivor is also good at throwing red herrings at you, spending entire episodes focused on the machinations of one character who seems on the verge of being voted out, only to end with the elimination of another, minor character. And that’s what happened last night. Continue reading