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Religious Diversity and the Supreme Court

Sonia-SotomayorIn the New York Times, Law Professor Ann Althouse poses an interesting hypothetical question for Sonia Sotomayor:

“If a diverse array of justices is desirable, should we not be concerned that if you are confirmed, six out of the nine justices will be Roman Catholics, or is it somehow wrong to start paying attention to the extreme overrepresentation of Catholicism on the court at the moment when we have our first Hispanic nominee?”

On her blog, she further argues:

“I think religious diversity is particularly important, because it has more to do with the individual’s mind. It’s part of one’s thinking, and legal analysis is thinking. Race and ethnicity might have an effect on your thinking — in that it may involve various personal experiences and feelings of identification — but it is not a characteristic that you have by deciding to have it or by believing you have it. Religion is different.”
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