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‘Twas 2012: Top Ten Television Episodes of the Year

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Here are the best episodes of 2012. Obviously this contains spoilers:

10) “Argentina” — Dexter

One of the nicest surprises on television this year was Dexter’s renaissance in quality. After some misguided years and a true nadir of a season in 2011, Dexter finally embraced a real progression in the story—having Debra find out about her brother’s “hobby”—and was all the better for it. The tension between Deb and Dexter led to some of the show’s best scenes ever. And since Dexter didn’t spend the entire season chasing his usual Big Bad Guy, Season Seven actually had decent subplots, including great guest performances from Ray Stevenson and Yvonne Strahovski. In “Argentina,” the show was even able to address the weirdest element of last season—Deb’s crush on her brother—in an impressive and compelling way.

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Against the Solo Lecture

After spending four years as an undergraduate at a university, you grow to notice the inefficiencies of the university setting. Whether it’s due to catering to trustees, a political agenda, excess conformity to tradition, or some other factor, there is a lot of friction when it comes to making changes at universities.

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of being in the university setting is the ability to hear highly intelligent and well-known speakers fairly frequently. This also serves as a positive externality of living near a university since many speaker events tend to be open to the public.

When bringing in outside speakers to universities, the most popular method of presenting their ideas is through a lecture. The speaker generally speaks at a podium for about an hour—sometimes accompanied by a PowerPoint (which is almost always a mistake)—and then takes questions for about fifteen minutes.
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