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Tim’s Thursday Picks

I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I’m 36-12 in this NCAA Tournament; last time I checked that’s 75 percent. That means you can take three of these four picks to the bank. Which one doesn’t come through? Well, that’s the beauty of the Tournament, isn’t it?

1. Syracuse vs. 5. Butler

Original: Syracuse over Butler

What I’ve Learned: The Orange are just fine without Arinze Onuaku, and the Bulldogs continue to survive with Matt Howard in foul trouble. Howard has been in foul trouble in just about every big-time game Butler has played all season, and the Bulldogs responded on Saturday by going small and matching Murray State’s athleticism. The problem is, they can’t afford to go small against Syracuse, even if the Orange don’t have Onuaku. Howard needs to stay on the floor and be a presence inside; it wasn’t too long ago he was Horizon Player of the Year and the standard for old-fashioned, interior fundamentals—a mantle usurped last weekend by Omar Samhan. In order for Butler to win, Howard needs to demand attention on the block, Gordon Hayward needs to announce his presence on a national stage with a 20-10 kind of game, and Shelvin Mack and Co. have to shoot lights-out from the perimeter. I can see two of those things happening, but not all three.

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Looking Back: Great Buzzer Beaters

Danero Thomas and Ishmael Smith, welcome to the club. (We’re still debating Quincy Pondexter’s credentials.) The buzzer beater is what makes March mad–what, in the flick of a wrist and the swish of a net, can vindicate all those people who looked at Murray State’s 30-4 record and said, “You know, there’s a team that’s been flying under the radar.” Back in December, during Aught Lang Syne, we looked at some of the most memorable college basketball finishes of the decade–many in the Tournament, others not. Here they are, reproduced, in celebration of the Buzzer Beater.

2005 Michigan State v. Kentucky

This was the third best regional final that year. Yeah.

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