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Aught Lang Syne: The Ten Funniest Movies of the Decade

Yesterday we gave you the definitive list of the funniest comedians of the decade. Today, NPI continues its look at the comedy of the Aughts by looking at the ten funniest films of the decade. Evaluating comedies can be tricky. Is the sheer number of laughs more important than the overall quality of the movie? This list aims to balance those concerns: It is a list of the funniest films, and not the best comedies, but at the same time, the best comedy often comes out of a good story. So what is the funniest film of the Aughts? Well, here’s the list:

10. Meet the Parents (2000)

Time has been a little unkind to Meet the Parents. An unfortunate sequel, the overexposure of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, and a rather disappointing decade from Robert De Niro all conspired to reflect poorly on this film. These considerations, however, are generally unfair; they ignore the fact that Meet the Parents was one of the Aughts’ first great comedies and that Stiller was one of the best comic actors of the first part of the decade. Meet the Parents showcased his ability to play the understated, slightly belligerent everyman that he would later tone down to a bland, traditional romantic comedy lead. This, combined with De Niro’s excellent and persistent deadpan, led to some truly great comic scenes, like the discussion of “Puff the Magic Dragon” in the car and the lie-detector scene. Continue reading

Greetings from Book Expo America Part I: Steven Tyler comes off as an Arrogant Jerk at the Keynote

The Book Expo America (or BEA to us in the know, as I have become since I got a nametag, or “badge,” to us in the know) is held every year—this year in the pride of New York City, the Javits Center. For those not in the know, the BEA is a big deal in the publishing/bookselling business, as it is the largest convention of its kind.

So what am I doing there? I am crashing it to give you loyal NPI readers the inside dope on all the stuff those “Big Book” fat cats don’t want you to know about. (Sorry, that’s probably the title of Kevin Trudeau’s new book.)

Our first stop on the BEA tour bus is Thursday’s keynote, which was covered accurately, if all too briefly, by New York. The focus of this year’s keynote was “rock star memoirs,” with Steven Tyler and Clarence Clemons. Apparently, this reflects the crisis of confidence in the publishing industry (which is a whole other story), as the conference has usually had political heavyweights in this role. Continue reading