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Getting Lost (Redux): The Incident

One of the raison d’etres of “Getting Lost (Redux)” has been to help see how Lost got from where it was to where it is now. “The Incident” is critical to that on a very basic level, having triggered Season Six’s controversial and polarizing Sideways stories. It is also critical on a more complex story level, having been the first episode to introduce us to Jacob, in all his splendor.

“The Incident” opens with a scene, which I feel like I’ve linked to a dozen times already but here’s one more, that fundamentally changed the tenor of the series. Not only did it confirm that Jacob was in fact real (it’s almost hard to believe that this was ever in doubt), but it also introduced us to the Man in Black. This was the first real indication that Jacob had a rival, and was not the sole entity of power on the Island. The final season has made clear that the characters were brought to the Island as part of a power struggle between Jacob and the Man in Black—a struggle that will ultimately end with Jacob’s death. Continue reading

Getting Lost: Sundown

It’s time for another installment of “Getting Lost,” where John S takes you through all the salient questions from last night’s episode of Lost:

Wrong again, John, wrong again… How do you mean, exactly?

Well, for one, you predicted this week’s episode would be about Sun/Jin. Yeah, I was wrong about that, and I knew it ahead of time. I still think my reasoning made sense, though.

And you said Dogen would survive. Yeah, well, er, whoops. I did say that I didn’t think Locke 2.0 or Claire would kill him, so I was right on that one. Who knew that Sayid, the resurrected Iraqi torturer who had “a darkness growing in him,” would end up siding with Locke 2.0? Who could have seen that one coming?

And you thought Locke 2.0 wasn’t necessarily the Bad Guy, and now he’s slaughtering people by the dozens again. Look, I made some mistakes, OK? Chill out, nobody’s perfect.

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