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What You Shouldn’t Like About the BCS

By this point, I think it’s pretty clear that I, like most people, don’t like the Bowl Championship Series. I stated most of my case last season, when I suggested a 12-team playoff replace it. I’m more onboard with a 16-team variation now than I was then, but that’s not necessarily original and doesn’t require a whole lot of explanation.

But when someone, in this very space, deigns to point out any good things about the BCS, well, then it’s my turn to chime in and refudiate those notions.*

*What’s that? Sarah Palin jokes are also unoriginal and gratuitous? My bad. Change that to “repudiate” then.

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Ease Off the All-Star Game

The MLB All-Star Game is next week. I generally find All-Star Games of any sport relentlessly boring. A hodgepodge of very good players united for one game seems to contradict most of the basic tenets of a sporting philosophy: team consistency, sustained competitiveness, varying levels of talent, etc.

Apparently I am in the minority, because every year every team sport in America has one. And they seem popular.

(The only thing more perplexing to me than the popularity of All-Star Games is the popularity of the Home Run Derby. It seems like what is impressive about home runs is that they are hit in game scenarios against pitchers who are not trying to give up home runs, none of which is true in a Home Run Derby. The Home Run Derby seems like it should be an event in the World’s Strongest Man.)

I do concede that the All-Star Game makes for good discussions. Every year we get to argue over who got selected undeservedly, who got snubbed, etc.

And every year someone complains about how the All-Star Game decides which league will get home-field advantage in the World Series. This is, for many people, the worst tragedy since Rwanda. Yet, despite my almost total aversion to All-Star Games in general, it makes total sense to me. Continue reading