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Unabated to the QB, The Super Bowl: This Was It

“This, to use an American term, in which discovery, retribution, torture, death, eternity appear in the shape of a regularly repulsive nutshell, was it.”

—Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

Super Bowl XLIV had been what we expected and more: a first-class battle between two phenomenal quarterbacks coming down to the final four minutes. The only thing that seemed as if it could tarnish this great game was overtime, which is pretty ironic when you think about it.

The final four minutes were already being played out in my head. The Colts would score to tie the game, and the Saints would have a chance to win it late. I saw Garrett Hartley—unsung hero—missing a long field goal and the game going into extra time. I saw Indianapolis winning the coin toss, Manning driving the Colts down the field, and Matt Stover kicking an easy, championship-winning field goal. I saw riots on Bourbon Street about the unfairness of the NFL’s overtime, although I saw karmic retribution in how it worked: The Colts, losers in an OT playoff game last season without touching the ball, would beat the Saints, winners in an OT playoff game two weeks ago because the other team didn’t touch the ball. Continue reading

Monday Medley

What we read while New Orleans rioted (in a good way this time!)…

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John’s Especially Vague and Pusillanimous Predictions for Super Bowl XLIV

So we already heard from Tim (and, for that matter, from Michael Weinreb) some especially specific predictions for tonight’s game. Well, I’m not that audacious, but I feel compelled to give you my insights for the Super Bowl. As such, here are some predictions: Continue reading

The Sports Revolution: A Canadian Overtime

Let me set the scene for you: At the end of regulation, the Saints and Colts are tied at 48 in what has already been proclaimed the Greatest Sporting Event in the History of the West. In overtime, however, whoever wins the coin toss unimpressively moves 35 yards down the field and anticlimactically kicks a championship-winning field goal. Its status as GSEHW is quickly revoked and handed back, somewhat perplexingly, to the Toronto Blue Jays’ 4-3 win over the Texas Rangers from June 17, 1995.

Let me reset the scene for you: At the end of regulation, the Saints and Colts are tied at 48 in what has already been proclaimed the Greatest Sporting Event in the History of the West. The drama doesn’t cease there but rather builds to an astonishing Wagnerian crescendo in overtime, where one of the teams finally crosses the goal line to claim the Lombardi Trophy. The game’s status as GSEHW is not only confirmed but changed slightly, with “West” being replaced by “World.” This is possible because, finally and logically, we have changed the rules that govern overtime in the National Football League.

There is no secret that overtime in the NFL is broken. The team that wins the coin toss wins an alarming amount of the time—close to 60 percent since 2000. Despite a prominent countryman of mine’s firm belief that chance is the only reasonable divinity (Tim’s favorite, Camus, although I doubt he understands the complexity of The Fall) or a not-so-prominent co-blogger of mine’s own investigation into the morality of the coin toss, the outcome of football games should not rest on the flick of a referee’s finger.

Continue reading

Prior to the Snap: THE SUPER BOWL!



HOW EXCITED ARE YOU FOR THIS AMAZING GAME? I don’t know what it is about this year in particular, but I have little to no excitement for the Super Bowl. There are a relatively large number of subplots in the game, with Peyton Manning’s chance to solidify himself as a pantheon quarterback, Dwight Freeney’s ankle, New Orleans’ moribund franchise history, and the Battle of the Pierres. After two weeks of media saturation, I’m just not interested in any of them.

YOU DON’T CARE WHO ARCHIE MANNING IS ROOTING FOR? Who ever thought this would actually interest the American people?


EVEN THOUGH, YOU KNOW, HE PLAYED FOR THE SAINTS: I’m aware of his personal history.

AND DWIGHT FREENEY MAY OR MAY NOT PLAY! I suppose Dwight Freeney is a great defensive end—one of the best in the league. He has an incredible spin move. But I for one don’t really care whether he plays. I think the Colts will win if Dwight Freeney plays. I think they will win if he doesn’t play—perhaps by a field goal less. Continue reading