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WTF Driscoll Middle School? W-T-F?

You know what’s f****d up? Little kids using trick plays to beat other little kids. I’m not talking about reverses and misdirections and flea-flickers; I mean actual deception.* I mean actual, “Let’s take advantage of those other little kids not being sure of the rules of football” deception. Way to exploit their naivete and compassion, Driscoll Middle School. Way to teach your opponent to never take anything anyone does at face value. I guess they should have popped your confusion-feigning quarterback while he stood upright and more or less defenseless in the middle of their front seven, right? That would have been the “sporting” thing of them to do? Clearly, some good life lessons are being taught by a team that apparently can’t score in an honest way, which is hard to believe since it’s little-kid football, and everybody scores all the time in little-kid football.

*”You tricked me.”

“I deceived you, Mother. ‘Trick’ implies that we have a playful relationship.”

What fans are cheering this behavior? Who’s yelling “GO! GO!” excitedly? Why do news organizations want to talk to these a******s? WHO IS SANCTIONING THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR???

That s*** is f****d up, man.