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In Quasi Defense Of LeBron James

Is choosing teammates worse than inheriting them?

I don’t want to be put in the position of defending LeBron James. As I’ve said, I’m not happy about his decision—it’s basically a sports tragedy. So while I generally agree with those criticizing him, I can’t help but notice some unfair attacks.

Most of these deal with claims about LeBron’s personality. Fans have a tendency to do this a lot: They project personality traits and character flaws onto athletes based on no real knowledge of the players as individuals. If a player strikes out in a key situation, he must be unable to handle pressure. If a basketball player misses the open man, he must be a selfish person. If a football player happens to be the quarterback of a team that loses, he must not be a motivated individual. In a few instances, there is some merit to this—sports would not be nearly as special if it didn’t give us insights into the human psyche.

Far more often, though, it is utter schlock. Continue reading

Monday Medley

What we read while taking our talents to South Beach…

The LeBron Question

I probably should have called this post A LeBron question, because there are really dozens of questions surrounding LeBron James right now: Where will he be playing next year? What is his ceiling? Will he win a title for Cleveland this year? Will he be better than Jordan? Etc.

I, like most people, don’t know the answer to these questions. I pay much less attention to the NBA than I pay to the other two major professional sports leagues. Like most people, I care more about the NBA off-season than its regular season. But right now, on the first day of the NBA postseason, one question about LeBron James stands out:

If he wins the title this year, will that make it more or less likely that he returns to the Cavs next season? Continue reading