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NBA Playoff Preview: Western Conference First Round

For over a decade, the Western Conference has been home to almost all of the NBA’s classic playoff series and rivalries. Outside of last season’s first-round series between Boston and Chicago, it’s hard to think of a really memorable Eastern Conference playoff series on par with the showdowns between the Kings and Lakers, the Lakers and Spurs, the Spurs and Suns, the Spurs and Mavericks, and the Mavericks and Warriors. The West has been the province of exciting and meaningful playoff basketball, where first-round series have more than once included teams with legitimate chances to win it all.

This year is no different. All eight teams in the West won between 50 and 60 games, meaning the conference’s playoffs are deep and wide-open. The two-time defending conference champs in LA have skidded to the finish. The old guards in San Antonio, Dallas, and Phoenix have shown they still have something left. The Northwest duo of Denver and Utah have been alternately fantastic and woeful at points this season. And There’s fresh blood in Portland and fresher blood in Oklahoma City. The West may not have the favorite to win it all, but it’s certainly the conference worth watching at this point in the playoffs.

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