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Top 173 Things in History: #76. Treaty of Tordesillas

Ever since the start of the World Cup, I’ve been waiting for a showdown between Spain and Portugal. But my two-and-a-half weeks of impatience doesn’t even compare to how long the Portuguese have waited for this: It is a chance at revenge 516 years in the making.

It was this month in 1494 that Portugal and Spain decided to update their global colonial claims with the Treaty of Tordesillas, which in principle divided the world between the two Iberian nations. I know, heady stuff, but it’s not like it wasn’t somewhat justified at the time. Columbus had just reached the New World under Spain’s flag, and Prince Henry the Navigator–arguably one of European history’s most famous princes*–had established a strong exploratory culture in Portugal earlier in the century. Amerigo Vespucci, like Columbus an Italian, sailed for the Portuguese and was the first to discover that this South America continent was pretty big, at least from north to south. Continue reading

NBA Playoff Preview: Magic v. Hawks

A BIT SUPERFLUOUS AT THIS POINT, NO? True, the Magic’s 43-point win in Game 1 has eliminated most of the mainstream media’s initial enthusiasm for this series. But not mine!

YOU’RE STILL ENTHUSED FOR THIS SERIES? No, I never was. So, the 43-point Game 1 didn’t really change my outlook at all. This series should be broadcast entirely on NBA TV.

DIDN’T YOU SAY THE LINE OF DEMARCATION IN THE EAST WAS AFTER THE HAWKS? I meant that a line of demarcation was after the Hawks. There can be more than one!

TELL THAT TO SPAIN AND PORTUGAL! It’s a Treaty of Tordesillas joke!

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