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The Sports Revolution: Tweaking the Olympics

Let me set the scene for you: The Games of the XXI Winter Olympiad are about to end, and they were pretty good.

Let me reset the scene for you: The Games of the XXI Winter Olympiad are about to end, and they were truly transcendent. Everyone is anxiously awaiting the Closing Ceremonies, complete with the first unveiling of the Ultimate Podium and the first declaration of a real Olympic winner.

We all know that the Winter Olympics suffer from a bit of a middle-child syndrome, perpetually locked between the last Summer Olympics and the next Summer Olympics. But at their heart, the Winter Olympics should be more fascinating than their vernal kin. This is because so many of its events are so novel to us living in America. We no longer live in the peaceful America of Saturdays spent with Jim McKay and ABC’s Wide World of Sports, where we’d occasionally catch a glimpse of a skiing event in a year that wasn’t divisible by four.* With our sporting purview more limited to the mainstream now, our predominant reaction to the sports of the Winter Olympics comprises questions such as, “What’s going on here?” and “How come nobody else thinks this is that cool?” (The latter of which is adopted by my own colleague.)

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Oh, Canada!: The Opening Ceremonies

The XXI Winter Olympiad opened last night in Vancouver, British Columbia with the unenviable task of following up on Beijing’s $100 million Opening Ceremony. With half the budget, the Canadians delivered more than their share of camp, laughs, and torch anxiety.

There wasn’t enough excitement around the event to really necessitate a Live Blog (this wasn’t the Opening Ceremony of the college basketball season), but there was enough for me to talk about retrospectively in bulleted, non-cohesive fashion.

  • The entire ceremony was held at BC Place, which is home to the CFL’s Lions and isn’t to be confused with GM Place, which hosts Canucks’ games and is, for these Olympics, being called “Canada Hockey Place.” (Not a joke.) I don’t know what it is that Vancouverites have against descriptors, but it appears Place for both of these, well, places over less limiting nouns such as Stadium, Venue, Park, Building, and Structure. At least Place did beat out the only noun that could be more vague, Thing.

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