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Yelp Theory

Which people and why?

Which people and why?

I first linked to Yelp in June 2008, according to a search of “yelp” in my Gmail account.*  I apparently jumped on the bandwagon when many did:  2008 was a banner year for Yelp, the first year Yelp received more pageviews than Citysearch.  Since 2008, I, like so many others, have come to rely on Yelp as my primary source for deciding where to eat and drink.  Let me share some Yelp tips I’ve developed over the past few years.

*In case you’re wondering, this is where I linked, suggesting a decent pizza place near Madison Square Garden, where, aside from Koreatown, good food is hard to come by.

To start, never trust the star rating of a Mexican restaurant that serves margaritas.  Too often, the margarita-serving Mexican restaurant gets most of its four or five-star ratings from patrons whose number one concern is the quality, size, and cost of the restaurant’s margarita.  Too often, these patrons couldn’t care less about the food.  Or their tipsy post-margarita state makes their food assessments (of everything but the chips and salsa) unreliable.  Not all margarita-serving Mexican restaurants, of course, suffer from an inflated rating.  Run a search of the reviews:  if, say, only one-out-of-six reviews mentions the revered alcoholic drink, then the risk of inflation is mitigated.

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