The Great Read-cession

Celebrate the five year anniversary of The Great Recession with John S as he breaks down every single (well, 16) book about the financial crisis. Keep this page bookmarked so you can see the reviews as soon as they go up.

Oct. 3 – Part I: Introduction

Oct. 4 – Part II: Too Big To Fail / The Big Short

Oct. 5 – Part III: Reckless Endangerment / Bailout Nation

Oct. 6 – Part IV: On the Brink / The Greatest Trade Ever

Oct. 8 – Part V: House of Cards / A Colossal Failure of Common Sense

Oct. 9 – Part VI: All the Devils Are Here / Griftopia

Oct. 10 – Part VII: The Quants / More Money Than God

Oct. 11 – Part VIII: Crash of the Titans / Financial Crisis Inquiry Report

Oct. 13 – Part IX: Confidence Men / Bailout

Oct. 15 – Part X: Rankings! And More!

Oct. 16 – Part XI: Conclusion

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