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Watching Alone?

One of the most common social outings is going to the movies. Ironically, the process of going to see a movie is inherently antisocial. Think about it: You go into a dark theater where talking of any form is discouraged for two hours and are (hopefully) mesmerized by the film on the big screen. During the movie, you will have virtually no social interactions with the friends that accompany you (I exclude affectionate teen couples from this generalization) besides the occasional shared laugh. In fact, an argument can be made that having friends present detracts from the diversionary experience of the movie by reminding you of reality. Ever go with a friend to a movie who laughs at absolutely everything? Or talks excessively during the movie? This actually detracts from your movie watching experience by preventing complete immersion in the film.

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Monday Medley

What we read while they did everything besides read Lolita in Tehran.

  • Speaking of DFW, if you’ve always planned on reading Infinite Jest¬†and just never had the time, this summer is the perfect chance to start. We at NPI heartily recommend it.
  • Ever wonder the daily routine of your favorite writer or artist? The fascinating Daily Routines blog compiles the daily routines of an array of interesting people ranging from Immanuel Kant to C.S. Lewis.